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International postgraduate students visit Jiangxi OPPO company

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​On the afternoon of December 18th 2019, more than 60 international postgraduate students studying international business and international project management in our university, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, visited Jiangxi OPPO company for a practical teaching experience under the guidance of Ye Weihua, the Dean of the Overseas Education School and teacher of Business Management.

The international students arrived at Jiangxi OPPO headquarters at around 2pm and were warmly welcomed by Ms. Zeng Juan, who is the Head of the company's training department.  The students were then divided into four groups and led by the company's staff to the various departments including marketing, Information Technology, administration, after-sales service and the stores department. During the visit, the international  students constantly asked the company’s staff numerous questions on their class assignments. Inside the store, the exquisite and innovative OPPO products attracted the international students and they also inquired about the characteristics, appearance and use of the products.

After the tour of the premises, everyone converged in the conference room to join an interactive session with the management of OPPO. Mr. Feng Chengcheng, the General Manager of Jiangxi OPPO company, briefly introduced the history of the company, and then addressed the audience with detailed answers to the questions raised by the international students. The international students asked questions on OPPO's vision, mission, values, competitive strategy, team building as well as its overseas market penetration strategy. Mr. Feng Chengcheng commended the questioning level of the students while responding to their questions. The students all agreed that this practical teaching was very important and meaningful as it was an excellent learning opportunity for them to apply theories taught in class to practice, thereby giving them a deeper understanding of the management methods of Chinese enterprises. After the interactive session, the international students gave a round of applause to the assistance provided by OPPO company and the superb corporate governance skills of Mr. Feng Chengcheng.


The visit also received strong support from the postgraduate students majoring in language translation at the Foreign Languages School. They provided translation services for the whole visit, which helped international students overcome communication problems and they received sincere gratitude from the international students.

Our University’s curriculum for international students has always focused on the combination of theory and practice. In addition to regular practice of teaching activities, international students are often organized to go to factories, communities, and villages to get a further understanding of China and Jiangxi. In addition, they also learn advanced Chinese culture and management experience which will help lay a good foundation for their future career development.