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Important Notice No.9

Date:2020-03-06 Source: Click:

To all overseas students:


According to the latest notice from the superior department, for the health and safety of all international students, those who are currently not in China or staying outside campus are not allowed to come back to school until further specific notification. Please note that the office will inform you about the new resumption date of university in advance. We hereby request all students to pay attention to the notice about the new resumption date and the prevention and control measures of the epidemic issued by the university and the Overseas Education School.


Student who purchased returning tickets in advance please contact the airlines or travelling agencies for cancellation as soon as possible.Furthermore, you are required not to buy return tickets back to China until further notification of the new resumption date is issued. Similarly, students who are currently staying in other cities within China are not allowed to return to school until they receive notification of the new resumption date. Students are thus required to obey the local government's prevention and control measures of the epidemic. Those that are currently living on campus, you are required to follow the rules and regulations for on-campus accommodation during this special time.


Finally yet importantly, it is mandatory for all school departments to report on student matters daily as per the school's epidemic requirements. Therefore, we request all student to submit required daily information on time and further advice students to contact OES anytime in case of emergency.

Thank you for your usual cooperation. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Overseas Education School


March 6th. 2020