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THEME: You and I can work together to fight against the Coronavirus Epidemic

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 I. Activity background

Before the Lunar New Year 2020, China reported a sudden outbreak of Corona-virus related pneumonia, which affected the celebration of the Chinese lunar calendar New Year 2020.  The virus spread vigorously around China and has ever since affected the entire globe. During the outbreak, students from JUFE joined in the fight against the corona-virus, showing their support and hoping that victory over the epidemic will soon be realized. 


At this juncture, the school intends to narrate and showcase real stories of how the international students of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics have helped each other together, and how the university and school have helped the students as well as  your true story and personal experience during the fight against of the epidemic. We hope that students will continue responding positively towards the call of online learning and work jointly with teachers to realize their goals and dreams.

It is against this background that the Overseas Education School invites all international students to participate in the essay competition and share their stories and experiences with the world.








2. Essay Content and Requirements

  2.1. The theme of the competition is as follows:

 “You and I can work together to fight against the Corona-virus Epidemic .

  2.2. The competition is comprised of five (4) areas of interest as listed below, of which students can choose one area for their submission. 

2.2.1.  Share your life and learning experience in China during the epidemic.  What do you want to say to your family, classmates, friends or teachers?
2.2.2.  What do you want to say to Wuhan, China, and the world at large during this phase of the epidemic?
2.2.3.  What do you think about everyone’s support towards each other during the phase of the pandemic?
2.2.4.  What is your perspective about life or lesson learned during the pandemic?







3.  Submission requirements

3.1  written in an article format

3.3.1. Students should create or self-designed their essay topic as per the chosen theme above.
3.1.2. The essay should have no less than 1500 words counts.
3.1.3.  The essay can be written in Chinese or English.
3.1.4. The essay should be submitted electronically,manuscript containing pictures will be preferable.







3.2  Video

3.2.1. Students should create or self-designed their topic as per the chosen theme above.
3.2.2. Duration of the video should be between 2-3 minutes.
3.2.3. Chinese or English language.
3.2.4. No limitation about video format.





3.3  Painting

3.3.1. Students should create or self-designed their topic as per the chosen theme above.
3.3.2. Both original copy and scanned documents are also acceptable.
3.3.3. Chinese or English language;





3.4. Reporting format

3.4.1. The manuscript should indicate the student's name, college name, major programme, student number, nationality, and contact details.
3.4.2. The essay must be authentic and original.
3.4.3. The article should have a prominent theme and correct point of view.
3.4.4. Students should note that plagiarism will not be tolerated, if found the candidate will be disqualified.




4. Eligibility and participation

The competition is open to all students and teachers of  Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.


1.稿件邮箱 (Maggie Pan)

5. Submission method

5.1. Essays should be emailed to; (Maggie Pan).
5.2. The completion is now open and will close on March 20, 2020 at 17:00pm.




6. Results display

6.1. The competition manuscripts will be preliminary reviewed and essay winners will be selected. Outstanding essay will be displayed on the school’s website and We Chat public platform.
6.2. Winners will be recommended by the school's communication department to represent the university at the Jiangxi Provincial student writing contest.  
6.3. The authors of outstanding works will be awarded by the university.




Overseas Education School

  March 13, 2020