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The Best Photos of the JUFE International Student Photography Competition in 2020 Spring

Date:2020-04-18 Source: Click:

《JUFE in My Eyes》by Zeinab Rizk Elbadwy Ali Faraht from Egypt

《JUFE at Night Mood 》by Sulaiman Bayoh from Pakistan

《Heavens Gate》by Sulaiman Bayoh from Sierra Leone

《The esxquisite JUFE Tree》by Fredrick Muimi Ilai from Kenya

《Overview of JUFE》by Joella Raharisoa Nomenjanahary from Madagascar

《Capturing Moments》by Christopher Clyde Kaines from Papua New Guinea

《From The Flowers Perspective》by Laryssa Duarte Barbosa from Brazil

​《Through The Way》by Lilia Marques Fernandes from Brazil