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Suggestions for JUFE’s International Students Currently in China

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Tips on what to do before returning to school

1. 每天必须登录江西省校园疫情防控信息系统进行健康打卡。连续健康打卡不满 14 天的学生,暂缓返校。继续完成连续打卡任务且身体健康的,报学校审批同意后方可返校。

Log onto Jiangxi’s provincial campus epidemic prevention and control information system to make a daily health report for 14 days. Students who submit their daily health information less than 14 days will not be allowed to return to school. Those who finish the report for 14 days without any illness can come back to school after the approval of the OES.

2. 认真完成《学生返校前情况调查表》填写,及时通过微信发给袁卫老师。不允许由他人代填代发;收到学校的开学通知后及时向海外教育学院老师反馈,填报返校信息时尽量详细。

Complete the Re-entry Application form and send it to Mr. Victor. Please fill up the form by yourself and as detailed as you can.

3. 请务必提前1天将车票或机票信息提供给袁卫,学院将会提供接站服务。

Please, provide Mr. Victor with your ticket information at least 24 hours in advance before your departure as the school will provide the required pick up service.

4. 自备两周以上医用外科口罩、体温检测器或体温表、一次性手套等。

Please, purchase your own surgical masks, thermometers and disposable gloves for the next 2 weeks of quarantine.

5. 自备学习生活用品(含带盖饭盒、筷子、勺、个人药品、电子学习设备等)学校食堂不提供餐盘和一次性碗筷。

Plan and prepare your own studying and living necessities such as lunch box, medicine, spoons etc.

6. 提前下载昌通码,返校通行码,准备校园一卡通或学生证,不知道如何下载的同学请联系学生助理YUNI.

Download the “Changtong code” in advance, an e-pass registration for school entry and exit. Prepare your campus or student card. If you don't know how to download the e-pass, contact Ms.Yuni for further information.

7. 未获得学校批准的学生一律不得返校,否则将根据情况给与相应的处分。

Students who are not approved by the OES will not be allowed to return to the campus. If they do, they will be given corresponding punishment according to the situation.


Tips for when you’re on the way back to school

1. 返校前确保身体状况良好,准备口罩等个人防护用品,有条件时可随身携带速干手消毒剂。

Please make sure that you are in good health before coming back to school. Prepare personal protective products such as masks, and hand sanitizers with you.

2. 乘坐火车、飞机等公共交通工具时,需全程佩戴口罩,安检时短暂取下口罩,面部识别结束后立即戴上口罩,尽快通过安检通道。

Please put on your mask at all times during your journey and proceed through the security checks as soon as possible.

3. 做好手部卫生,尽量避免直接触摸门把手、电梯按钮等公共设施,接触后及时洗手或用速干手消毒剂揉搓双手。注意个人卫生,避免用手接触口眼鼻,注意咳嗽礼仪。

Please pay attention to your hand hygiene, try to avoid directly touching the door handle, elevator button and other public facilities. Spray hands or rub hands with sanitizers after touching anything to avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose with dirty hands. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.

4. 尽量选择楼梯步行或扶梯,并与他人保持1米以上距离,避免与他人正面相对;若乘坐厢式电梯,与同乘者尽量保持距离,分散乘梯,避免同梯人过多。

If possible, try to use the stairs rather than an enclosed elevator, and keep at least a distance of 1 meter away from the other passengers on board. Use an elevator with less passengers when you have to.


Tips for the OES Pick-up Service


The pick-up service will be arranged according to your given information, please inform the Mr.Victor immediately if the arrival time changes.

2. 学生下车后应立即与接站人员联系,出站后在没有看见接站人员以前,不得随意离开,更不能私自返校。一定要在与工作人员碰面后,一同返校。

Please contact the office staffs upon your arrival, students are not allowed to leave at will or return to school without permission from the OES. Returning students must go return to school with a teacher or a student assistant.

3. 出站时请保持安全距离,依次验证、扫码、测温、消毒。

Please maintain social distancing when you’re walking out of any station and follow the safety rules.

4. 学生在填报返校信息时尽量将所乘坐交通工具准点到达的时间和车站详细填报,也可以通过微信提前最少1天将信息发送给办公室老师。

Please send your detailed ticket information to the office at least a day before you depart via WeChat.

5. 联系电话如下/:

办公室/Office number::0791-83817960/83816369

Sherry:15727658118 Victor:15270884071 Archie:18370215618  


Tips for Entry into the University

1. 蛟桥园:开放2号门、3号门(双港东大街两侧)

Students are only allowed to enter the campus through the main gate.

2. 进入校门必须经过验(学生)证或刷(校园)卡、扫(昌通)码(返校通行码),检测体温和消毒。

Students must show their campus card at entry, scan the Changtong Code e-pass, take the body temperature check and disinfectant before they will be allowed through the main gate.

3. 进入校门相距1米以上排队,由返校学生专门通道进入。

Students should use the special path and keep at least 1 meter away from each other.

4. 体温不正常者,由场地联络员送至临时隔离点,校医院安排复测和询诊,异常者由校医院联系120送诊。

If someone is found to have an abnormal body temperature, the school hospital will arrange for retesting and further consultation. The ambulance will be called in case of an emergency.


Tips for Registration on Campus


After entry back on campus, students should register at the Office of the Overseas Education College on the first floor of the International Student Apartment.

2. 如果学生在非工作时间返校,请通过微信提前联系办公室老师,学院老师会通过微信告知相关事宜,并在第二天早8点至晚5点间来办公室注册。

If students plan to come back to school during non-working hours, please contact the office staffs in advance through WeChat. Our teachers will inform you on relevant matters through WeChat and do not forget to register in the office the next day.


Tips for On-campus safety Management


Please be aware that the university gate has been under a restricted health management system even before the epidemic is over. During the class hours, students must get a permission from their teaching school and represent the form to staff from the OES in order to get a form of《The Exit Form of JUFE for Leaving the University campus》.During the after class hours , students may get permissions from the OES before going out.Please follow the rules stated above,otherwise there will be an ensuing punishment.


Students should abide by the prevention and control regulations of the epidemic situation, and actively cooperate with the management staff.

3. 少出门,不聚集,尽量通过电话、网络交流、联系。

Students should try to reduce the numbers of outgoings and try to communicate or make contact by phone calls & social networks.

4. 校园内人员密集处(教室、图书馆、体育场馆、实验室等)戴口罩,见面不握手,保持安全距离。

Always wear a face mask in public, no shaking of hands and keep your social distancing.

5. 校园行走,保持1米以上安全距离。

Keep at least 1 meter away from each other when walking on the campus.

6. 多使用网络图书资源,不在人多的教室学习。

Please try to avoid studying with others in the same room.

7. 不参加多人制室内体育运动。

Please do not participate in any multi-players sporting activities.

8. 减少校内超市采购时间和次数,尽量使用无接触支付。 

Please reduce the numbers of outgoings for shopping and purchases, try to use a contact less payment like WeChat Pay, Alipay.

9. 如前去食堂用餐,请自行准备饭盒,排队时请注意保持1米以上安全距离,打完饭菜后请回宿舍用餐。

Please prepare your own lunch box if you go to the canteen on the campus, keep at least 1 meter away from each other when queuing. We highly recommend you eat in your own room after buying your meal.

10. 宿舍用餐请做到独立进餐,不交谈,不分享食物,饭后及时清理垃圾、污渍并做好餐(饮)具的清洁消毒。

Please have your meal on your own, no sharing of food. Clean and disinfect the containers or pots after using them.


Tips for dormitory safety management


Students should keep submitting the daily report and follow the “Disciplinary actions for international students of JUFE during the epidemic period” and the “Regulations for the international students’ apartment” regulation and other relevant rules.

2. 学生未经批准,一律不得离校外出,一律不得在外租住房间,一律不得夜不归宿,一律不得组织聚集性活动(尤其室内,含聚餐聚会)

Students are not allowed to go out of the university gate without permission, not allowed to rent a room off campus, not allowed to stay outside of the campus overnight, and not allowed to organize gatherings (especially indoor, including dinner parties.)

3. 宿舍内常通风、勤洗手、不串门、少外出,公共区域需戴口罩,积极配合学院不定期查寝、查勤。

Please make sure your room is well ventilated and avoid going to crowed places, wear a face mask in public and cooperate with dormitory inspections.

4. 谨慎使用酒精等消毒用品,防中毒、防火灾。

Please carefully use the disinfectants products to prevent the risk of poisoning and fire.

5. 严格执行学校作息制度,不影响他人学习、生活。

Please obey the regulations of the dormitory, do not disturb or negatively impact other students.

6. 本人、室友或同学之间发现有生病或感冒症状,特别是发热、咳嗽症状,应立即报告学院老师,并积极配合防控管理。

If you suspect or notice any symptoms related to COVID-19, please inform the office staff immediately.

7. 晚11点钟以前需返回宿舍,宿舍内严禁留宿他人。

Students should return to the International student dormitory before 11pm when they go out. Do not ask a non JUFE student to stay overnight.


Tips for Classroom safety Management

1. 教室里注意与同学之间保持1米以上的安全距离。

Please, keep at least 1 meter away from each other in the classroom.

2. 做好个人防护,佩戴口罩和建议使用一次性洗手液对个人物品进行消毒后再带回。

Please pay attention to personal protection. Wear a mask and use a hand sanitizer to sterilize personal items before bringing them back.

3. 不握手、不拥抱、不聚集讨论,不懂之处可以在课后通过微信或QQ与老师进行进一步沟通。

Please communicate with the teacher through WeChat or QQ after class. During the class, no handshakes, no hugs, no group discussions. 


Tips in case of an infection

1. 所有环节采取闭环式流程。

All steps are implemented in close-loop way, i.e. in privacy.

2. 所在地(如校门口、教室、食堂、学生宿舍)设有应急处置人员和设备。

There are staffs always on duty in public areas and facilities such as the main gate, teaching building and canteen to handle emergencies.

3. 鼓励自行报告,对举报者予以表扬。

Self-reporting is encouraged


Please inform the office staffs if you have or suspect any symptoms of Covid-19.


The OES staff will then arrange for a double check with the doctor on campus, and call an ambulance if necessary.


The security department will lock down the area, make  

relevant assessments, documentation and registration.


The OES staff and your class supervisor will conduct counseling sessions, and arrange for the isolation of close contacts if there are any.


Tips for isolation

1. 所有环节采取闭环式流程。

All steps are implemented in close-loop way.

2. 海外教育学院老师负责与接受隔离的学生家长进行联系。

The office staff will be responsible for informing the parents of the student who will be isolated.


The office staff will arrange for the delivery of daily necessities and bring it to the student at the isolation building.Students need to pay the cost of isolation by their own.

3. 值班人员安排好隔离观察房间,物业服务人员进行消毒,并放置好学生学习、生活用品。

The on-duty staff will arrange a room for isolation and observation, and replace the daily necessities in the room.

4. 在工作人员引导下,观察对象进驻观察隔离场所,进入观察隔离房间;

The on-duty staff will guide the student to their isolation room.

5. 医护人员向观察对象发放“观察隔离对象告知书”, 进行必要体检和信息登记,并开展流行病学调查;

The doctor will issue a questionnaire to the student, and some necessary checks will be conducted.

6. 在观察期间,医护人员定期对医学观察对象进行体温测量和其他必要的医学指征询问、观察;相关学院工作人员做好观察隔离对象的餐饮安排和日常必需品采购,并送至隔离点门口,由工勤人员(或志愿者)送到观察对象房间;物业或招待所负责清洁卫生与消毒,保卫处负责安全保卫等工作;

During the observation period, medical staffs will regularly conduct temperature checks and other necessary medical tests. Staff from the OES will make arrangements for daily purchases. An on-duty staff (or volunteer) will be responsible for the delivery of the necessities. Room sanitation and disinfection service will also be done before students move into the isolation building.

7. 医护人员进行日常监督巡查,观察隔离对象自行负责室内卫生和消毒;

Medical staffs will conduct a daily supervision and inspection. During the quarantine, the student is responsible for indoor hygiene and disinfection as long as they stay there.


At the end of the quarantine period, the hospital and the Overseas Education College will jointly decide whether to lift the isolation. Without this approval, the students will not be allowed back to the dormitory.



                      Overseas Education School

                          8th of May, 2020