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Epidemic preventive package distributed at JUFE

Date:2020-09-23 Source: Click:

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China has distributed the Epidemic preventive package to foreign students who are studying at the university. Each package contains 20 disposable medical masks, a clinical thermometer, and two bottles of hand sanitizer.


On the afternoon of September 23, the Epidemic preventive package distributed in the university's international student apartment complex.


In order to allow every international student to receive the epidemic prevention package, the Overseas Education School has listed the international students to ensure that there are no missing students. After that, the volunteers personally distributed preventive package to the overseas students.


During the severe situation of the new coronavirus pandemic, the Overseas Education School received 3,200 masks from international students of JUFE donated by Bangladeshi student Mohammad Mahamudul Hasan and Korean student Kim Juntae respectively.


International students have expressed that they feel the warmth from the school for paying attention to epidemic prevention and control, maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle with earnestly and hopefully through this period.


Noted that the Overseas Education School distributed masks to the foreign students in February. The remaining masks, together with the epidemic prevention materials issued by the school, were carefully put into the package by the volunteers.