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JUFE's Int'l students and teachers participated in the special concert

Date:2021-06-30 Source: Click:

In the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, International students and teachers from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics participated in a "Folk Music Performance Special Concert". A total of 22 international students and teachers participated in the special concert. 

On the afternoon of June 27th, this concert is organized by Jiangxi International Trade Promotion Association and Jiangxi Institute of Applied Science and Technology, and co-organized by Jiangxi Education International Exchange Association and Jiangxi Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. 

In the concert, the performer's superb skills and the ingenious combination of various traditional Chinese musical instruments reproduced the Communist Party of China. The hundred years of struggle have left a deep impression on international students and foreign teachers. International students and foreign teachers in China learned more about Chinese history and perceive the red culture through this activity.

Before the concert, the international students and foreign teachers visited the Liu Guanghua Natural Heritage Museum. Professor Liu Guanghua, the vice president of Jiangxi Institute of Applied Science and Technology, and the dean of the Guanghua School of Gem and Mineral Resources gave an explanation to the international students. The museum is a first-class museum in the country with a large collection of various mineral crystals, early insect and plant fossil specimens. International students praised the various collections.

Previously, JUFE's international students also expressed their blessings for the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party by visiting the Red Revolution Hall of the Jiangxi Provincial Museum and shooting blessing videos.