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Overseas Education School Firefighting Training And Drill

Date:2021-11-24 Source: Click:

Hidden dangers are more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than cure, and the responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. On the afternoon of November 15, the Overseas Education School organized a fire safety emergency training and drills for all the international students of JUFE. The lecture and the drill were presented by instructor Yuan of Gan'an public service center, and Lei Yuzhou member of the staff of the Overseas Education School translated the lecture for the students.

Before starting the drill, instructor Yuan gave a comprehensive and deep explanation about fire issues and he also carefully explained the fire extinguishing methods from different fire sources and fire situations. During the lecture, foreign students listened carefully, exchanged and interacted with the instructor.

In order to make the drill more vivid and realistic, the Overseas Education School prepared smoke bombs, fire extinguishers, emergency lights and other appliances for the fire drill. After the lecture, all the participants went back to their places. After filling the corridor with smoke produced by the smoke bomb, the drill started officially started.

The responsible on each floor organized an emergency evacuation for foreign students according to the scheduled plan of the exercise, and used the escape passage to escape from the fire scene in time. The whole process was carried out smoothly.

After the drill, instructor Yuan also demonstrated the four steps of the use of a fire extinguishers - lifting and holding the pressure, so that the students can correctly understand the method of the use of the dry powder fire extinguishers.