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The International Volunteer Team of Learning from Lei Feng Carried out an Activity: "Learning from Lei Feng Day."

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The fragrance of books spreadsthousands of miles, and Lei Feng's spirit spreads worldwide. On March 5th, international students of the International Volunteer Team of learning from Lei Feng carried out the Lei Feng public day in Nanchang high tech Zone Library. The activity mainly focused on the following goals:

1.    Enhancing the awareness of our international students to restitute to the society.

2.    Summarize the achievementsof the “Lei Feng volunteer team during the previous year.

3.    Practice the Lei Feng spirit of the new era.

4.    Promote the worldwide spread of the Lei Feng spirit.


The Dean of the Overseas Education School, Dr Ye Weihua, with the library manager of the high tech Zone, Ms. Xia Qianru and more than 30localsand international students participated in the activity.

Inside the library, Lei Feng volunteers maintained order, sorted books, trimmed flowers and plants, and everything was carried out well. At that moment, everyone silently reflected the Lei Feng spirit through their actions. Three volunteers (Vercia, George, and Carmen) took part in teaching children how to sing some English songs in the children's area of the library. With the enthusiasm and cherishing voice, the team of international student volunteers led everyone into singing the words, learn from Lei Feng's good example. 

From the library, the volunteers moved to the Meishu Museum in Aixi Lake Park to celebrate the first anniversary of the team. At the beginning of the activity, Ms. Xia Qianru introduced the high-tech Zone Library concept of accepting multi-culturalism in sharing a better life, and giving back love to society.Aninternational student Saiyedul, initiator of the Lei Feng International Volunteer Team, shared his experience as a volunteer during the past year. He also explained the ideology of the team, which is: great love, one world. Two members of the International Volunteer Team Learning from Lei Feng, Akbor and IbnAli, shared stories about their lives as well. Quoting from their words, they expressed their understanding of Lei Feng's short and brilliant life, its various voluntary activities during the past year. They understood that Lei Feng is not only a name but also a spirit of selfless dedication and giving back to the society. In future, theyhope to take the Lei Feng spirit as an attitude that guides them and also share with more people through the nature of their lifestyle.

The fragrance of books is refreshing, and Lei Feng's spirit accompanies me. At the end of the activity, the Dean Ye Weihua appreciated and praised the achievements of the volunteers. He encouraged everyone to base on the present and look towards the future, taking JUFE as the starting point to spread the Lei Feng spirit with all parts of the world.

The Lei Feng international volunteer team of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was established on March 5th, 2021. It is composed of a group of caring, enthusiastic, and innovative group of students worldwide. The team aim to provide voluntary services in areas likely to helping vulnerable groups and creating a better environment, with a core value of creating a more inclusive and harmonious society.