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International Women’s Day Celebrated by International Students Laying Flowers for Female Teachers

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On International Women’s Day, representatives of international students presented flowers and sincere holiday wishes to their female university officials, female teachers who lecture classes for overseas students, female faculty coordinators, and staff of the Overseas Education Institute.

The Vice President of the Overseas Education School,Ms. Liu Xiaoli offered gratitude towards the international students for their special gesture of appreciation, and also gave the students special Chinese snacks in return. She kindly encouraged them about their study and life at the university, wishing the students a good study and the best future.

International student representatives gave flowers to their female teachers in class that day, express their appreciation to the teachers on the holiday. “, You are working hard, teacher!” “Happy International Women’s Day, Teacher!” these are some of the delighted quotes of that day by the strong emotions shown by students.

The students’ representatives of overseas also presented flowers to the female staff of the Overseas Institute of Education, giving admiration for their constant care and attention.

Although the international students have different cultural backgrounds, they all shared a common understanding of the meaning of International Women’s Day, and clearly acknowledged that Chinese women play an important role of “holding up half of the sky”, in their respective field of work with the pride of “ carrying heavy responsibilities on their soft shoulders” On this special day, the international students express their heartfelt thanks and best wishes to all the female teachers with their actions.