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Tasting Chinese New Year's Flavor and Appreciating Chinese Culture Event

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January 26th was the small New Year in the southern part of China, commonly called Xiao Nian. Our university and the Jiangxi branch of Bank of China jointly organized an activity where more than 40 International students and also more than 40 staff members of Bank of China went to Shiling scenic spot in Xixia town to participate in the event tasting Chinese New Year flavor and appreciating Chinese culture. Liu Xiaoli, vice president of JUFE, Zhu Fuxing, vice president of the Jiangxi branch of the Bank of China, attended the event also. Ye Weihua, Dean of the Overseas Education School, and sun Le, senior manager of personal finance and digital Finance Department of the Jiangxi branch of Bank of China, attended the event.

In her speech, Liu Xiaoli thanked the Jiangxi branch of the Bank of China for hosting this event. She pointed out that the cooperation between our university and the Jiangxi branch of the Bank of China has a long history. Holding the Chinese year culture celebration further enriched the cooperation between the two sides. Through the interactive and exchanges activity, Chinese and International Students can enhance their understanding of each other's culture and sow the seeds of friendship. Liu Xiaoli hopes that the two sides will continue to deepen and develop cooperation in talent training, employment practice, and sharing the culture with International students in China.

Zhu Fuxing pointed out that Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and Jiangxi's branch of the Bank of China can carry out more profound and broader cooperation in all aspects with overseas students' Education in China. This party is a good attempt. Through this opportunity, the two sides will jointly build a Sino foreign exchange platform to create more opportunities for Sino foreign cultural exchanges and mutual understanding in the future.

After the opening ceremony, the party started with many outstanding and interactive performances. The performances include traditional hand-made things such as rope weaving and paper cutting—acrobatic performance such as face changing and fire-spitting. There were also some literary and artistic programs such as Chinese comedy talk show and Chinese song solo performed by George and Carmen. The performance was interspersed with questions and answers about Chinese cultural knowledge and interesting lucky draw as well. Chinese and International Students enthusiastically participated in the activities and exchanges, and the place was filled with an intense New Year atmosphere.

Our university has permanently attached importance to the education and sharing of Chinese traditional culture with International students. The cultural friendship activity jointly held with the Bank of China promoted the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures and enriched the holiday life of International students in our university.