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JUFE’s Students Participates in a Career Development Online Training Session

Date:2022-03-21 Source: Click:

In order to enrich the extracurricular life of its international students, JUFE has invited them to join an online session hosted by an experienced and successful manager Larry Wang. Mr. Wang is an entrepreneur founder of the company Zhi Shang Wang 职商网. He is the author of many books about the techniques to improve career IQ, how to have a successful career, career development, etc. He is also the author of the PLSD (Practical Learning and Skills Development).  

The online training session was held on the platform Zoom meeting on March 20th, 2022. The session’s topic was “How to Manage your Career Development in Changing Times.”  The session was held in a very relaxed atmosphere. Most of the participants opened their cameras; the audience freely interacted with the host. JUFE students both on-campus and abroad actively participated in the session.

The training session officially started at 08:00 pm. Mr. Wang started by introducing himself and sharing his personal career experience. He pursued by briefly introducing the PLSD and explaining its importance. The training session was mainly focused on four points. The first one was truths and realities about achieving career success. The second point was a practical approach to your career development; the third point was the right mindset to face change and take on new challenges; and the last point was effective habits to get what you need to learn and develop faster. Mr. Wang developed these points with extreme details and simplicity. It was easy to understand and very motivating.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Wang organized a 30 minutes QA session. The participants asked many questions that he patiently replied to. Before closing the training session, he gave three audience members VIP ticket access to his library.