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The OES Held An International Student Union Speech Presentation Campaign Meeting

Date:2022-10-27 Source: Click:

In order to enhance the sense of belonging and subjectivity of our students studying in China, promote the role of international students in self-management, self-education and self-service, do a good job in communication and coordination between international students and the school, enhance mutual understanding and information exchange among international students, organize various healthy and beneficial campus activities, enrich cultural, sports and academic activities of international students, and create a good learning and living environment, on the morning of October 24, 2022, the Overseas Education School held a speech presentation campaign meeting for the International Student Union on the second floor of the International Students Apartments of the Overseas Education School. International students in China participated offline and those outside of China participated online via Tencent conference app. Wan Yina, the Vice President of the Overseas Education School, faculty representatives of the OES, and representatives of international students attended this activity.

The International Student Union has four departments, namely the Presidium and Publicity Department, the Academic Department, the Volunteering Department, and the Sports Department, to manage the affairs of international students. Candidates for each position gave a presentation in the form of PPT, focusing on their educational background, relevant skills, reasons for the election, advantages, and future planning for the work of the Student Union. During the speech, the judges listened carefully, recorded carefully, evaluated the performance of the candidates, held the principle of fairness, openness, and impartiality, scored, and voted on the candidates. They also invited representatives of foreign students to vote for the candidates.

After the campaign meeting, Wan Yina reviewed the development of our international student management and proposed the establishment of the International Student Union, which marked a solid step towards standardization of our international student management. In the future, the OES will work together with the International Students Union to create a more harmonious, friendly and progressive learning and living atmosphere for our international students, and serve their growth and success.


Photo/Lei Yuzhou, Hu Wenying. Editor of the OES/Zhang Yuru. Reviewer/Jiang Ying, Zhao Min, Li Dahui