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JUFE International Students Participated in the 2023 China Nanchang International Dragon Boat Race

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The 2023 China Nanchang International Dragon Boat Race occurred in Jiulong Lake, Honggutan District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, on June 10 and 11. The Nanchang International Friends Team was founded by 14 foreign students from our school, and more than 40 teams from other Chinese cities and countries competed in the same event. The international students displayed the tough battling spirit of the Jiangxi people as they raced across the river while rowing their paddles on the surface.

Several international students from our school gladly signed up to compete as the preparation for this year's dragon boat race began at the end of April. The international students overcame obstacles and used their free time during the preparation period of more than a month to organize training sessions three times a week, creating a squad that could fight together in the shortest time. All team members gave it their all at the competition venue under the guidance of the international student dragon boat team captain and a Guinean student named Ma Chao (TONGUINO EMMANUEL). The drive behind diligent work.

The international students at our school have gained a deeper appreciation for the wonderful traditional Chinese culture and recognized the boundless allure of Chinese culture by participating in this dragon boat race. Our school has recently improved Chinese culture instruction for international students. International students can actively promote the Chinese language and traditional culture by participating in events like the Chinese Language Contest for International Students in Jiangxi Province, International Chinese Day, and Feeling China. By doing this, we increase the appeal of Chinese culture and enable international students to serve as friendly ambassadors for knowing China and making friends with China for visitors to China.