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Outstanding Overseas Students Participated in the Activities of “Experience China-Jiangxi Image”

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The cultural activities named “Experience China-Jiangxi Image”, sponsored by China Scholarship Council and organized by Nanchang University, was held from October 19th to 20th both in Nanchang and Jiujiang City. Within Jiangxi Province, there were 6 universities which participated in, namely Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Nanchang University, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang Hangkong University, Jiangxi Agricultural University, and Jingdezhen Ceramic University. Through cultural experiencing and visiting company, over 60 outstanding overseas students (including 15 Chinese government scholarship students from JUFE) appreciated Chinese historical culture and topnotch technology of Jiangxi.

The first stop of the activities was Jiangling Automobile Industrial Zone. As a core enterprise of automobile industry in Nanchang, Jiangling stands out from the market with an open concept and aggressive development strategy, and ranks among the largest enterprises in the field of commercial vehicles in China, the fastest-growing enterprises in the domestic automobile industry as well as one of the enterprises with the best economic benefits. After visiting the microbus and SUV production lines in Jiangling Automobile Industrial Zone, the students were amazed at their orderly workshop layout and scientific and efficient production capacity.

As one of the four famous ancient Chinese academies, Bailudong Academy in Lushan Mountain of Jiujiang City is a cradle of Chinese culture from the end of Song Dynasty to the beginning of Qing Dynasty. The students visited the Lisheng hall, Minglun hall and Bailu Cave successively, feeling the profound Chinese history and culture.

On the second day, the teachers and students visited the Museum of Jiangxi Province. The exhibition of archaeological achievements of the Marquis Haihun’s tomb in the museum combined the latest outcomes of cultural relics protection and archaeological studies of Marquis Haihun’ tomb. Those cultural relics with long history deeply attracted the international students who came to visit.