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Student Support Office

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Septune, established in 2011, is a student volunteer organization affiliated with Overseas Education School(OES). Septune volunteers aim to help overseas students to solve problems in an efficient way, while organizing various activities for overseas students in order to promote relationships between Chinese students and overseas students.We are here for you from September to June every year.

Student Support Office

The duties of Septune

Ⅰ. Orientations in life

a) Familiarize you with our university surrounding, such as local market, electricity center, banks, etc.

b) Offer some guidance and help when you need

c) Pick your post parcels

d) Keep you company in seeing the doctor when you need

e) Assistance in maintenance work of your dormitory

Ⅱ. Assistance in Chinese learning

a) Organize Chinese corner

b) Be your language partner

Writing calligraphy

Team Building Activities

Care for Autistic Children

Ⅲ. Help traveling

a) Provide travel tips

b) Help in booking hotel, train ticket and bus ticket online

c) Help in looking for travel agency

IV. Extracurricular activities

a) Organize community activities

b) Help with taking part in-campus and out-campus activities

c) Organize International Cultural Festival; a platform for overseas students from all of the world to display multicultural performances

International Cultural Festival