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Health & Insurance

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International Students Insurance Policy

According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese government, students shall participate in a collective insurance with Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

The comprehensive insurance for overseas students with China Government Scholarship shall be uniformly purchased by the Ministry of Education. Exchange students and others that have purchased insurance in their country are not required to purchase insurance again when the certificate of insurance purchasing has been checked and accepted by Overseas Students Office.

Other overseas students at JUFE should buy comprehensive insurance designated by JUFE within the prescribed time limit. Students should pay theinsurance fee at the Overseas Students Office when registered at the beginning of the semester, and the insurance will be uniformly purchased by the Office. If the overseas students fail to purchase the insurance, then registration procedure and residence permit will not be accepted. The term of purchase insurance must cover the study period. If the insurance purchased is expired, it must be renewed before the expiration date, otherwise the university will cancel the residence permit.

Scholarship Students (Premiums are paid by the Chinese Ministry of Education)

All medical reimbursement of scholarshipstudents should refer to Pingan insurance companyregulations

Self-funded Students (Insurance fee for one year is 800 RMB)

Overseas Student Insurance Website:

Instructions for Medical Treatment


1. If students feel unwell (such as have fever and other common diseases)students can purchase medical booklet and see doctor at school hospital. Students may go to the school hospital formedical treatment because of low expenses and short distance.

2. If the school hospital cant treat the disease effectively, students can take school doctors advice to go to the outside hospital.

3. After the treatment, please be sure to keep allthe records and receipts. If the annual total of thenon-reimbursement is more than 650 yuan, theexcess can get the insurance company claims. (Daily maximum limit is not more than 600yuan, 600 yuan section shall not exceed the cumulative)


1. If the student requires hospitalization, pleasecontact the Office teachers, and provide acopy of the passport, we will handle insurance for students to advance formalities. (Students need to pay 10% of hospital fees as a deposit, after discharge, refundable)

2. Students who need hospitalization, arerequired to promptly provide the followinginformation to the teacher: Hospital name, hospital contact number, bed number, etiology,department, doctor's name, doctor's contactinformation.

3.Go to the public hospitals which are accepted by insurance company. If the other non-cooperative hospital,insurance company will not advance all costs,students need to pay by themselves first and getclaims from insurance company when thetreatment is finished

4. Some diseases are not covered to enjoyinsurance, are required to pay. (For detailsplease check the insurance website)

Insurance claims process

After the accident, the first thing is:

Call 4008105119 and turn to 1

Directly call for medical treatment due to a disease or an accident. The rescue doctor will make health consultation, medical guidance and explains for insurance claims. Major accidents can also be reported by phone call.

Any person who fails to report on 400 phone calls or fails to perform according to the required specification procedures will not be able to receive compensation.

The school should issue an application for medical compensation for overseas students (please contact the teacher in the Overseas Students Office).

Calculation of Insurance Claim for the OUTPATIENT STUDENT

Refund can be done under the following conditions:

1. A days cost should not exceed 600yuan. If it exceeds, only 600yuan of that days cost would be considered.

2. Monies spent over a period should exceed 650yuan in total.

If these two conditions are followed the calculation for refund would be

(Total Cost Of Money Spent  650yuan)*85% = Money That Would Be Refunded


Assuming a student goes to the hospital for four days and monies spent daily reads:

As shown above, on the second day, the student spent 660yuan which exceeded the 600yuan allowance. In this instance only 600yuan of the 660yuan spent would be used for the calculation. Therefore the calculation would be

[(day 1+day 2+day 3+day 4)  650]*85%= amount that would be refunded

That is:

Step 1: 500+600+450+400 = 1950

Step 2: (1950  650)*85% = 1105 yuan

Therefore the amount that the insurance company would refund to the student would be 1105yuan.