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International Cultural Festival

The annual International Cultural Festival has become the brand activity and cultural label of JUFE. The 2017 International Cultural Festival provided a platform for foreign students from more than 60 countries to showcase their own cultures and delicacies, and the vice president of JUFE also presented at the event. On the central stage of the school square, students from all over the world wore colorful national costumes and showed their carefully prepared literary and artistic programs to the audience. In 20 independent pavilions, international students shared the special food and painting craftsmanship of various countries with the audience. The scene of each event was crowded with people, not only teachers and students, family members of teaching staff, foreign teachers, but also Chinese and foreign teachers and students from surrounding colleges and universities also rushed to watch the interaction. For them, it is also a great blessing to be able to appreciate the world culture without going abroad. Foreign students interact with the audience frequently, perform programs and take pictures together, strive to be messengers of cultural communication and exchange between China and foreign countries, and strive to show the unique charm of their own country through the platform of the International Cultural Festival.

Pair-sharing with Local Chinese Family

Pair-sharing with Chinese families is an activity that helps overseas students to get immersed in Chinese culture. Since 2013, ten of this kind of activities have been held, which are one of the most popular activities for foreign students. The activity closely connects school teachers and foreign students. Nearly 30 'new families' are born each semester. One teacher family accepts two to three foreign students, and family members work together to make delicious food and travel beautiful scenery. To carry out sports and sports campaigns, rich and colorful family life has dispelled the loneliness of foreign students studying in a foreign country. In 2015, the overseas edition of China Daily conducted a special report on the school's 'pair-sharing' activities as a characteristic activity of cross-cultural exchanges, and interviewed

Celebration for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival celebration by both theuniversity leaders and foreign students was held every year. The presidents of JUFE will visit foreign students in International Students Apartment, and they will extend sincere New year greetings to foreign students and their families every time. They will also paste Spring Festival couplets, hang Chinese knots, make dumplings, eat reunion dinnerwith foreign students. Although the foreign students are in a foreign country, their 'Chinese families' always care about them and gather with the university leaders, letting them personally feel the strong 'flavor of the New year' during the Chinese New year.

Experience Tea Culture

Foreign students often visit the teahouse of the School of Tourism and Urban Management of our university, watch tea performances, be familiar with tea utensils, and learn the brewing skills of all kinds of tea. They also learned much in the tea culture of the truth of life.

Provincial Chinese Competition for Foreign Students

Provincial Chinese Competition for Foreign Students openly selects foreign students with outstanding Chinese level and excellent talents every year. After carrying out a full range of Chinese and talent training, they take part in the Chinese Competition for Foreign students sponsored by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education. At the fifth Chinese Competition for Foreign students in Jiangxi Province in 2017, the school's Mongolian contestant Saihan won the first prize by virtue of his proficient ability to use Chinese and his wonderful stage expression, while Ukrainian contestant Kajia won the third prize. The school won the best organization award and other honors, while winning gratifying results in the competition, the enthusiasm of foreign students at all levels of the school to learn Chinese has also been widely driven.

Foreign Student Football Team

Football is one of the favorite sports for foreign students. The school began to set up the foreign student football team in 2014, and the players were updated once a year. In 2016, the foreign student football team won the 'Gordon Financial Cup' football league championship of JUFE for the first time, and the 'blend Cup' Jiaohu Elite Cup champion, and the foreign student football team won the title of 'Double Crown'. The regular holding of football matches between Chinese and foreign students has promoted the improvement of the level of the school football team, strengthened the friendship between Chinese and foreign students, and promoted cultural exchanges.