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2020年2月20日,中国日报(China Daily)的教育栏目“留学中国”(Study in China)的Facebook官方账户先后发布了来自我校加纳籍公共管理专业硕士生Ibnali Issah Kulo,和坦桑尼亚籍国际商务专业硕士生David Geofrey在这次新型冠状病毒疫情期间的所见所感。

Ibnali Issah Kulo, an international student from Ghana pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and David Geofrey, from the United Republic of Tanzania, pursuing a Master’s degree in International Business, wrote articles about their experiences and feelings during the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia in China. Their articles were posted on the facebook official account of Study in China on February 20, 2020, which is one of the educational channel of China Daily website.

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International Students from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics:

China is Strong and Warm in the Epidemic

2020年2月20日,中国主流媒体《中国日报》(China Daily)的教育栏目“留学中国”(Study in China)的Facebook官方账户上相继发布了江西财经大学在华留学生Ibnali Issah Kulo和David Geofrey的来信内容。

The official Facebook page of Study in China, one of the educational channels of China Daily has recently published letters of two students Ibnali Issah Kulo and David Geofrey from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics on February 20, 2020.

“留学中国”Facebook官方账户上推送了我校加纳籍公共管理专业在读硕士Ibnali Issah Kulo疫情期间在华的生活状态和感想。

In his letter, Ghanian Ibnali Issah Kulo who is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration expressed his feeling towards China and the status of his living condition during the outbreak.


He further stated that JUFE has taken numerous measures during the epidemic to ensure the safety of every international student.


Overseas Education School required students to fill in the daily online epidemic report that provides information on their health status. OES further provided basic need to students such as food, surgical masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectant alcohol to enhance their safety and wellbeing.


Ibnali’s article was as a result of the courtesy and the support he received from the school, the volunteers, and his expressions are deeply from the bottom of his heart.


He said:I am thankful for these same protocols because I am aware that it is due to love by our teachers just to protect us against the coronavirus. At this crucial moment all international students will agree with me that China is our second home. We stand with China physically, psycholotically and spiritually to against this virus and I know China will survivie it and grow from strength to strength and achieve their dreams.”

2月20日同日,另一位坦桑尼亚籍国际商务专业在读硕士生David Geofrey的题为《我在江西财经大学亲历中国抗击疫情的生活》文章内容也被推送至Study in China的Facebook官方平台。

On the same day February 20, 2020, Study in China Facebook page also published David Geoffrey’s article titled “My life at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics(JUFE) during the epidemic”.


He praised the Chinese government for its quick response during the outbreak, and the unity portrayed by the Chinese people in the fight to end the pandemic.


An extraordinary effort on the part of the government against the spread of the Corona Virus has been amazing.

I was surprised by China's decisive blockade of the city and the timely construction of an emergency hospital in Wuhan to provide treatment for infected people. Mandatory safety laws for people to wear masks when outdoors,  shutdown of some public infrastructures all in a bid to prevent and control the spread of the Corona virus. Through the deliberate actions of the government, I hope that the pandemic will be eliminated soon.”Said David.


In the end, David expressed his love for China and his gratitude towards his Alma mater jiangxi university of finance and economics, In this kind of situation, I personally feel to be safe like home and appreciate much JUFE staffs for their devoted and tirelessly support and general endeavor to ensure out comfortability during our stay and studying at JUFE and in China. China is our big brother and I do regard it as our second home. I'm proud of my country to trust China and accepted that we should remain here to be safer, that's truly brotherhood which embraces turbulences and serenity.