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Introduction of the First Solidarity and Friendship Scholarship Winners 2020

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In accordance with the relevant policies for overseas education in China to promoting diligence and hard work in international students studying at JUFE by actively encouraging participation in various school activities, fostering a good study and living environment while promoting the quality of international education. To that effect, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics adopted measures for The Annual Evaluation and Award for International Students on May 25th, 2020. This was to commend and reward international students who had achieved outstanding performance in recreational, sporting, academic achievements, and positive social impact within and outside the campus. The selection honors included the Solidarity and Friendship Award, the Outstanding International Student Award, and the Outstanding International Graduate Student Award, with a cash prize of 1,000 Yuan per person.


After the evaluation organized by the Overseas Education School for the Solidarity & Friendship Award was successfully held on the 9th of June, 7 international students with excellent performance and outstanding comprehensive quality were selected for the award.


Let's enjoy the stories from the winners of the first-ever Solidarity and Friendship Award!


01. Adegboyega Ayodeji Temitayo

School: International Trade and Economics

Major: International Business

JUFE has given us unforgettable impressions. The occasional school activities, packed canteen, late-night studies, and dormitory fun, life mantras from teachers, and countless other memories are about to stay in our minds forever. The extra-curricular activities organized by the OES increased our exposure to the Chinese culture; it made us confident and helped us a lot in understanding a lot about China and her people. The wide range of tasks performed by us has given us a sense of responsibility towards our society and raised our conscience. Not only has this institution given us a tremendous learning experience, but also given us a chance to participate in various social and cultural events. Leaving aside the non-scholastic activities, the lessons taught by our proficient professors have given us indispensable knowledge and guidance throughout our session. I am grateful to my teachers and professors for all their efforts to make us better persons, support us throughout our college journey, and of course, help us score good grades.


I have seen this institution growing and grooming every single day because of this highly ambitious and committed faculty. It is their courage, hard work, and patience which have helped in producing bright students who have done well in life. Without you, it would not have been possible to tread such a great path. In the end, I would like to congratulate all the graduates for successfully completing their respective courses and contributing to the goodwill of this institution. To all the other winners of the academic and extracurricular awards, keep on giving value. I wish you all the luck and success in your future.


02. Mohammad Saiyedul Islam

School: International Trade and Economics

Major: International Business

I am Saiyedul. I enjoy my life at JUFE. For volunteer activities, I participated in a volunteer activity organized by JUFE overseas education school in Special Education School at Xinjian Area, Nanchang Jiangxi, held on 19th November 2018. We passed a good time with deaf-mute children like playing football, basketball, sing songs, doing art, etc. I have been selected as participants for Run with YIWU Global Youth Business Program, Organized by Yiwu foreign affairs office, held on 24 November to December 01, 2019. In that Global Youth Business Program, I have represented JUFE as a participant.


I have attended a seminar on the introduction of Grameen Bank lectured by Babor Ali, branch manager of Grameen China, organized by School of Humanities as well as Research Center of Social Work and Management, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, held on 19th November 2019. I have attended a seminar on “The inauguration ceremony of the Belt and Road Research Institute” organized by Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics held on 21st September 2019.


As a master's degree student during the last two years, I made many reports in print and electronic media about JUFE, about the Bangladeshi community in China, Bangladeshi students who are studying in different universities in China, Chinese culture, Chinese history. I am very proud and honored to be a JUFEer. I love JUFE and I would like to tell the story of my university to more people.


03. Aizhan Akbergenova

School: International Trade and Economics

Major: International Trade and Economics


I am Aizhan from Kazakhstan, a graduate from the School of International Trade and Economics. In 2015, when I came to China to study, I felt extremely proud. During the past five years at JUFE, I have made great progress in all aspects.


I regarded the study as the first requirement under the friendly learning atmosphere and worked hard for professional knowledge. With the guidance and help of teachers and classmates, I achieved good results in courses. In my spare time, I also took part in extra-curricular activities actively. In 2018, I hosted the 4th International Cultural Festival of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. I performed Taijiquan activities, and actively participated in taekwondo and other club activities organized by the university.


Last year in the dormitory competition, my room was rated as one of the best dormitory which made me very proud. In my academic years at JUFE, I have given full play to my strengths and improved my abilities. I have made new friends from all over the world here. I was very keen on helping freshmen to adapt to the life of studying at JUFE.


Finally, I would like to thank the teachers for their patient guidance and the students for their warm help. In JUFE, I feel the warmth of home. China has become my second hometown.


04. Hounye Alphonse Houssou

School: Statistics

Major: Mathematical Statistics

I would like to express my gratitude to all teachers from JUFE. I had learned many lessons during my master's degree in JUFE that not only absorbed the real lifestyles of Chinese people and international students in the class but also in the school environment. I greatly appreciate expressing my deepest gratitude to the University of Finance and Economics of Jiangxi and to the School of Statistics for facilitating the successful completion of my Masters's degree throughout the student's life. I want to extend my great gratitude to professors who have always preserved and passed on valuable knowledge, skills, and abilities.


Special thanks to my supervisor Liu Xiao Hui,  coordinators, staff members, volunteer students for their help from beginning to end,  which was a key bridge on my academic achievement. Time flies, of course, but the best memories, unforgettable moments and priceless encounters in China will be stored in perpetuity in my memory, thank you all.


05. Mamuta Kateryna

School: International Trade and Economics

Major: International Trade and Economics 

My name is Kate. When I was 22 years old, I came to China for the first time and stepped into this new world. During my study at JUFE, I had the honor to participate in the Global Brand Planning Competition in 2019 on behalf of JUFE and successfully entered the final. During the competition in Singapore, our team demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skills as representatives of JUFE, which reflected the educational level of JUFE as one of the best universities in the field of economics in China, and established friendly relations with university teams in other countries.


At the same time, I served as a monitor and accumulated rich experience in the organization. I tried to participate in volunteer activities, assisted in organizing various volunteer service activities, and actively helped others. During my sophomore year, I challenged myself and participated in the Chinese language Contest. With the help and encouragement of my teacher, I tried my best to win third place and made a new breakthrough.


Here, I would like to express my gratitude to JUFE for giving me this precious opportunity to show myself, so that I can become better and move forward.

06. Aurelia Asante

School: International Trade and Economics

Major: International Business

​I am very proud to say I attended Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. I am also much confident now as a two times best international student award winner for the year 2018-2020 and also one of the winners for the First friendship award which is a new award initiated in 2020 and am glad to say am one of the first recipients of such an award. It’s been very competitive and has really challenged me to come out of my shell and do something that on a normal day I wouldn’t do and also helped me to actually know who I really am, which a leader.


I volunteered to be a class monitor when nobody was willing to take the initiative but I did and through that, I was able to serve my class and enjoy serving others and helping people and showcasing my country was one thing I did in JUFE and like to thank school and OES for bringing out the best in me and you will always have a special place in my heart and I will forever cherish the memories of you.


07. Derrick Botchway

School: International Trade and Economics

Major: International Business

It has been a great honor to be part of this prestigious university. I am proud to say that we have grown; I am different from the person I was when I first got here. My personalities have been molded with different interactions and transformed to appreciate all individuals from diverse backgrounds. Today, I do not consider myself only as a Ghanaian, for I have learned from Tanzania, Algeria, Zambia, Sudan, Uganda, Namibia, Jamaica, etc. and most importantly CHINA on how wonderful and diverse this world is. I have been selected for 3 outstanding Awards which I won all 3 of them. I.e. Excellent Overseas Graduates of JUFE, Friendship and solidarity Awards of 2020 and Excellent Graduates at Master program 2020.


However, before we close this chapter in my life and start the next one, it is equally important to thank all the people and the stakeholders that have made this journey a remarkable one. We would not be sitting here today, were it not for our respective families whose love and support provided guidance throughout the years. To the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA for giving me this incredible sponsorship, to our professors for the knowledge and guidance and finally to the OES for making our stay comfortable, I will like to say XIE XIE.