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2020 freshmen Opening Ceremony and Military Training Closing Ceremony held at JUFE

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China's Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) in Nanchang has successfully held the 2020 freshmen Opening Ceremony and Military Training Closing Ceremony. The event kicked off with the rising five-star red flag.

On the afternoon of September 28, the opening ceremony of the 2020 freshmen and the military training summary meeting was held in the Mailu campus playground. The event was simultaneously broadcast live online, and nearly 300,000 people watched it online, which attracted wide attention from teachers, students, parents, and alumni.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Prof. Wang Qiao. Prof. Wang Qiao expressed his gratitude for the support and help of all the officers and soldiers trained in the Army Infantry Academy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. He said that the school will always accompany his classmates to meet new challenges and create new brilliance. He hopes that the students will inherit and carry forward the school motto of Xin Min Lian Yi, the university spirit of Dedicated work, Harmony, and Perfection, and cherish the university time, always maintain an optimistic attitude, a positive attitude, and a high-spirited state to run hard with University, forge ahead with the motherland, polish the background of youth with struggle, and add a rich brush to the name of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

President Lu Fucai, School Party Secretary Wang Qiao, School Party Committee Deputy Secretary Zhu Xiaoli, Vice President Liu Xiaoli, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Yang Jianlin, Vice Presidents Deng Hui, Que Shandong, Ouyang Kang, Yuan Xiong, Yuan Honglin, Army Infantry Academy Vocational Education Center Ma Longsheng Colonel, Army Infantry Colonel Sun Dongyu, captain of the first team of the college, attended the event. The heads of various functional departments of the school, the deans of the colleges, the secretaries of the party committee (party branch), and all the freshmen of the 2020 grade participated in the activity.

President Prof. Lu Fucai gave a speech entitled Be a surging wave, ride the wind, and wave in the new era.  The tide of the times is rushing forward. With firm ideals and convictions, all stakeholders of the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, a family, and a country can set sail in the ocean of youth.

He hopes that the students will embrace firm ideals and beliefs, bravely shoulder the responsibilities given by the times, and practice ethics from time to time. He further mentioned that the character of concentrating on training, the skills of intelligence, enhancing the ability of independent innovation, being a wave that takes the lead, ability, and political integrity are also important.


Prof.Xie Liang, the representative of the teachers, made a speech, hoping that freshmen can work hard, unite, help each other, make progress together, stand on their own shoulders.  The sky is high and the earth is thick, embarks on the journey of pursuing your dreams in JUFE.

Freshman representative HouYufei said in his speech that struggle should become the most dazzling background of youth, and she is eager to expand his value radius and explore new areas at JUFE.

On behalf of the international students, Ai Han expressed his gratitude to the school, teachers, and classmates. He hoped to be successful in learning and be an envoy of cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The military training summary meeting was hosted by Prof. Yuan Xiong. More than 4,000 freshmen have passed the test of will and discipline for 12 days, tempered their physical strength and perseverance, and successfully completed the military training task. They handed in the first class of the university with a sassy military posture, a neat queue, a full spirit, and gave a qualified answer sheet.

Prof. Deng Hui made a summary speech on military training. On behalf of the school, he expressed the highest respect and sincere gratitude to the leaders of the Army Infantry Academy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and all the instructors. He also expressed warm congratulations to the students who successfully completed the arduous training and advanced individuals who achieved outstanding results.

After reviewing the military training work, Prof. Deng Hui sent a message to the freshmen to absorb the red nutrients from the revolutionary spirit, temper the perseverance character from the steel discipline, study diligently, practice in-depth and achieve their own wonderful achievements on the University campus.

He further mentioned that The motherland is strong, the people are healthy, students enjoy learning, and China takes off! The 2020 freshmen will water the flowers of youth with sweat in University and use practical actions to add luster to the motherland.