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The OES Organised A Forum Evaluating International Students' Applications For The Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship

Date:2022-10-24 Source: Click:

On the afternoon of October 18, JUFE's 2022 Jiangxi Provincial Government Foreign Student Scholarship Application Evaluation forum was held in the International Student Activity Room of the Overseas Education School. The evaluation meeting is organized by the Overseas Education School. Leaders and experts from the School of Public Finance and Public Administration, the School of Accounting, the School of International Economics and Trade, the School of Economics, the School of Finance, the School of Information Management, and leaders and experts in charge of internationalization were invited to participate in the review.

A total of 50 foreign students participated, they were divided into three groups: undergraduates, master's students, and doctoral students. The scholarship candidates were well prepared, they presented in the form of PowerPoint presentations, and speeches and answered the judges' questions by including information about their study achievements, honorable reputation, social practice, and other aspects in order to demonstrate their abilities.

Based on the presentations and speeches, the Overseas Education School selected 29 students to be awarded the scholarship based on the comprehensive consideration of students' academic achievements, scientific research achievements, awards, class attendance rate, contribution to the university, classroom performance, etc

The purpose of the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for Foreign Students is to implement the relevant national policies and guidelines on studying in China. It is also aimed to attract foreign students who have a good outlook on China, have excellent achievements, and have good moral character. The scholarship encourages them to study hard, and actively participate in various activities. It is believed that the award-winning students will work harder, forge ahead bravely, play the vanguard and exemplary role of being a role model, and drive the other students of Overseas Education School to move forward together. 

Photos/Lei Yuzhou. Editor of Overseas Education School/Xu Jiawei. Reviewer/Jiang Ying, Zhao Min, Li Dahui.