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Summer Drowning Prevention Safety Tips

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Six Drowning Prevention Don'ts

1. Do not swim in the water unless you have permission.

2. Do not swim with others without permission.

3. Do not swim without the supervision of administrator or teachers.

4. Do not swim in the areas without safety facilities or rescue workers.

5. Do not swim in strange waters.

6. Do not enter the water mindlessly for rescue or clasp hands for rescue.


Four Things to Remember About Drowning Prevention

1. Do not go into the  pool to cool down, no matter how hot the weather is.

2. Do not go into the pool to feel the water, no matter how lovely the environment is.

3. Do not swim in non-swimming zones, no matter how well  your swimming technique is.

4. Do not use your life to brag, no matter how hard people attempt to persuade you.