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Notes to the Graduates of 2023

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​First of all,congratuation on your successful completion of your studies in JUFE.

Please read the following notes and ​leave school safely.Thank you!

1. 请查看居留许可到期日,并在到期日之前购买机票回国,超过期限属于非法居留。

Please check the expiry date of your residence permit and purchase the air ticket before the expiry date; exceeding the period of residence without renewal is considered an illegal residence.


2. 缴清所有的学费和住宿费,填写《江西财经大学毕业留学生离校手续表》,并在各部门确认后交回办公室,才可以拿到毕业证、学位证。

Please pay all the tuition and accommodation fees and fill in the Form of Graduation Procedures for International Students. Please submit it to the office after the confirmation by all departments in the form in order to get your graduation certificate and degree certificate.


3. 申请我校硕博项目的毕业生,如暑期不回国,可先申请办理一个月停留签证,在拿到录取通知书和JW表后由办公室办理居留许可。

Graduates who applied for our master's and doctoral programs and do not intend to return to their home countries during the summer holiday can first apply for a one-month stay visa, and after obtaining the admission notice and JW form, the office will apply for a residence permit for you.



Graduates applying for master's or doctoral programs at other schools in China, after receiving the admission letter or proof, the entry-exit administration office agrees for you to apply for a one-month-only stay visa.



Graduates are required to move out of the international students’ apartments by July 15, return the room card and electricity card to the office, and clean up all personal belongings. Our apartment will be cleaned during the summer to welcome new students in September.



When the graduates leave the school, our school will check the facilities in the apartment according to the Items List.In case of damage or loss of the items, compensation shall be made according to the original price of the items.


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