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The 2023 International Summer Camp's Opening Ceremony was held

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The 2023 International Summer Camp's opening ceremony occurred on June 26 in the morning. China's Digital Economy and Traditional Culture was the camp's subject. Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics served as its host, while the Overseas Education College carried it out. Huang Xianming, dean of the School of Education; Wan Yina, deputy director of the Overseas Education Institute; Liu Xiaobing, assistant director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office; members of the pertinent staff from the school, as well as visitors from Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mexico, and other nations. The inaugural ceremony included 126 trainees overall (online included) from 27 Belt and Road nations.

The international students who attended the summer camp were warmly welcomed by Liu Xiaoli, who congratulated her on the event's accomplishments. She made the point that contact between nations along the Silk Road, particularly among young people, is crucial under the loud voice of the Belt and Road project. The school has consistently improved cooperation with nations abroad in science, culture, and education. The school has always upheld the development philosophy of facing the world and facing the future. In addition, the school actively participates in the national development strategy, supports the going global of Chinese education, and works to spread Chinese stories. By creating a platform for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, it is hoped that this summer camp will help tell the Chinese story to the outside world, increase the brand recognition of Study in Jiangxi, help international students better understand Chinese economic development and traditional culture, and strengthen Jiangxi so that they can comprehend a true, three-dimensional, and comprehensive China.

Nan Wint Phoo Thwe, a student from Myanmar who attended the summer camp, thanked Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics from the bottom of his heart for giving her a chance to participate. She claimed that this summer camp offers a wide variety of activities. In addition to professional courses on the growth of China's digital economy, China's opening strategy, the global value chain, and China's digital trade, there are courses on Chinese culture, such as how to appreciate ceramic art and traditional Chinese culture, as well as the general state of China. The school will also set up day classes simultaneously to provide everyone with a thorough understanding of Jiangxi's local digital firms' state of development. I value the summer camp's educational opportunities, actively communicate, and treat my experiences seriously.

Throughout the two-week event, the course material included four topics: Chinese culture, the expansion of trade and the economy, special seminars, and excursions. In addition to responding to the national Belt and Road initiative and our school's 14th Five-Year Plan period for the education development plan of international students in China, the development of the enrollment work has laid a solid foundation. It has also committed itself to helping the joint construction of the Belt and Road initiative and cultivating attention to China's development and participation in China. Excellent international students who strengthen and advance China's voice.